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Kendal's designs are marked by their visionary nature, intertwining aesthetics with practicality to create captivating spaces. One of our core approaches is to integrate different components, imbuing creations with meticulous commitment, unique artistry, and an unwavering focus on quality, ethics, and environmental responsibility. She believes that furniture should transcend its utilitarian purpose and become an artful experience. From sleek and minimalist to opulent and ornate, each bespoke creation tells a unique narrative, reflecting individuality and discerning tastes. Shortly after revealing her inaugural collection, Kendal earned global acclaim for her unwavering commitment to excellence, garnering international accolades, including Best Luxury Designer Chairs in the USA for 2022. In addition, she was honored with an Honorable Mention from the SIT Award in 2023. As the year progressed, Kendal took the role of leading a class in Urban Planning for the ICAA New Heights program. This program, tailored for middle and high school students, aims to nurture an appreciation for architecture by providing engaging experiences both inside the classroom and out in the field. By introducing fundamental concepts of building, design, and the intricate language of architecture, this course equips students with observational, creative, and critical skills to confidently engage with and appreciate the built environment. She is now the Chairman of the Southern California Neoclassicists.
Blank Notebook

Where we started

...and where we're going

We started with hard work, in the showrooms learning from the ground up...That is what we continue to do, to work hard, and to create with the highest level of quality.

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