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 Kendal Schutt brings together many elements, applies creativity to create beautifully balanced pieces. Using her multicultural background, knowledge, and sensibility she is able to give love, passion, and history to every interior, and every product keeping her designs richly layered. After starting out in the showrooms Kendal has founded her own practice and is the sole designer of all SCHUTT pieces. Kendal, award winning and internationally recognized designer believes that furniture should be more than just furniture, it is art, it is an is extraordinary. Not a fan of excess, and not favoring minimalism either, Schutt believes somewhere in between lies perfection, and ever lasting beauty. Shortly after finishing her first collection not only has she received multiple international award nominations, SCHUTT was awarded 2022 winner for Best Luxury Designer Chairs in the USA.
Kendal was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is a member of American Society of Interior Designers, the International Interior Design Association, The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, The Royal Oak Foundation, and Women In Luxury Design.

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